March Meeting Update

We held our March meeting on March 9, 2020 at Prehistoric Brewing Company. We had 10 members present with 2 guests, a veteran that transferred membership from Post 1000 to our post and a member of the SAL that is transferring to Squadron 125 and will be helping us to update our SAL membership. We have another 4 or 5 SAL members considering transferring and another 4 or 5 current members that qualify as dual members. Chair persons for a number of activities were assigned duties including VA Service Office coordinator, Blood Donor Program, Crime Prevention, Homeland Security, Public Relations, Website updates, Boys State, Oratorical, Family Support Network and The Legion’s Amateur Radio Club. We have a member that is reorganizing our ALR program. The booth at Mike’s Unique is now painted and ready to put items that are donated to be resold in it. We have set up a donation buttons in this website that will be tied to PayPal so they can use any major credit card for a donation. We discussed other issues including many additional projects. We discussed trying to sponsor a young man to Boys State. We may have the money to do that in the next 30 days. The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.

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