Overview of Project

Lincoln Memorial Cemetery is the traditional black cemetery in Springfield. It was started in 1919 and is now celebrating 100 years of operation. The black soldiers that fought in World War One and started American Legion Post 125 are buried in this cemetery located at Chestnut Expressway and Barnes. Because of the connection between Post 125 and the cemetery we are supporting it. Here are the planned phases we are considering.

Phase I

The first phase of the Lincoln Memorial Cemetery was getting a Flag for the entrance to the cemetery. This has now been completed!!

Phase II

The next phase is to purchase and install solar light panels to illuminate the flag over night. We have allocated the funds raised during our free popcorn promotion to this purchase and it should be done by the middle of February 2020. This has now been completed!!

Phase III

Getting Power to the location and potentially adding security lights to the perimeter of the property.

Phase IV

We would like to add a camera system for security which would mean we would need Internet at the location. We will discuss this with Springnet (City Utilities) and/or Mediacom.

Phase V

Meditation Gardens including a bench or benches, Plaques and some monument or symbol such as a statue or cross.

Phase VI

Add grave markers identifying veterans and others that do not have markers now. Add mini holders so we can put flowers and/or flags for special occasions.