November Meeting

Happy Veterans Day to all of you veterans.

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow night will be our November 13, 2023, meeting of the post beginning at 7:00 pm.  The post will be open at 5:30 pm for beverages and “Queen of Hearts” raffle.  The Queen will be worth $250 if drawn.  Minimum ticket purchases of $50.00 will apply for the Queen drawing.  The Commander has a lot of important issues for us to discuss.  These include an update of the Veteran Resell Store, Veteran Event Center, and an update on Legion Department of Missouri’s issues with membership and “Buddy Checks”.  The American Legion’s new motto of “Be the One” will also be covered. 

If you have already paid your dues for 2024, thank you, but if not please remit our current dues of $40.00 if paid before the end of the year, if not our new dues of $45.00 will need to be paid after 12/31/2024.  If dues are not paid prior to the end of the year, you may also lose your free life policy and your magazine and newsletter will be cancelled.  If you can’t make it to the meeting, please send the dues to:  Adjutant Frank Smith, 3335 West Sunshine Street, Springfield, MO 65807

As always, our meetings are open to members of Post 125, other interested veterans and invited guests so please plan to attend. 

For God and Country,

Mike Burgess

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