Mikes Unique is located at 3335 West Sunshine Street, Springfield, Missouri 65807.

  • All money or items received will be used for American Legion Post 125 projects. This donation is tax deductible according to IRS regulations, but your individual situation should be handled by your accountant.
  • Method #1 is to contribute with Cash or Credit Card. Do that at the donation button above and it will take you to Pay Pal and you can chose the amount and payment method.
Mikes Unique 3335 West Sunshine
  • Method #2: We now have a booth at Mikes Unique at 3335 West Sunshine, Springfield, MO 65807. It is a full 12 foot booth in the back left side of the building and is clearly marked. Mike does not charge our post any rent for the space. We are accepting any items of value (please no clothing) that will be marked and placed in the booth. Items must be clean and in working condition. If they are electronics, please make sure they are in working order. You may bring items by the store and plainly state they are for booth for American Legion Post 125 so we get the credit for the item. If you want a tax deduction for an item; fill out the receipt for the item located at the front of the store. If you have an item and cannot bring it by the store or if the item is large; call Bill at 417-942-6159 and we will arrange a “pick-up” appointment. If you have any questions, you may give Bill a call at the number above.
    Here is a partial list of items that work well:
    * Collections; such as baseball cards, various game cards, coin collections, glass ware, DVDs, movies, records (vinyl), etc.
  • * Power Tools and other equipment.
  • * Various house-ware items.
  • * Electronic items (Working) such as Radios, TVs, MP3 players, Tablets, Laptops, Computers, etc.
  • * Large items of furniture such as Dinning Rooms Sets, Living Room Sets, Desks and Chairs, Lamps, etc.
  • * Very large items such as Boats, Cars, Trailers.
  • * Anything military related such as Plaques, Documents in frames, Uniforms, Military Metals, anything with a
  • Military Theme, etc.
  • Please, no items of clothing unless it is specialty such as Military or Leather jackets. All items should be clean, working and ready for display. We will provide a listing of items and your value estimates for tax purposes. All money and items donated will be tax deductible since The American Legion is a non-profit company; but your individual situation may affect it; so you must check with your tax preparation person for your status.