February Meeting Update

Our February meeting was held at the PBC (which is getting ready to open). We had 10 Members present and discussed a number of issues. We gave the OK for Tiny to purchase a dozen Polo Shirts for us in navy and gold. That will allow us to be uniform when we are participating in any post activity. We also voted to purchase some veteran support hats to sell at Mike’s Unique for fund raising. Mike is also trying to provide us with a booth to sell items that we as a group would donate. (clean out our closets and storage rooms). If anyone has items, please give Mike or me a call. We are also giving away free popcorn today at Mike’s Unique with a donation jar that last time was over $200. Please come by if you are able. If any member has any questions or would like to contact us, our phone number and email is listed in the contact us tab of this website.
Bill Roark

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