December Meeting

American Legion Post 125
3335 West Sunshine St Suite 6
Springfield, MO 65807

Fellow Post 125 Members,
If you notice the letter head above you see that it has changed from South Glenstone to West Sunshine.  This will be our new home and all meetings including the next meeting Monday 12/13/21 at 7:00 pm will be at that address.  This is the NE corner of Sunshine and West By-Pass on the north end of the parking lot at Mike’s Unique. 

Please attend this very important meeting if at all possible.
Here is a quick update on what’s going on with your post.  We now have leased an 8,000 square foot building and are opening a resell store at this location.  You can check out more information at  The front of the building (about 3,000 SF) will be a sales area to resell furniture, appliances and other valuable items donated to our post.  After expenses the funds that are left over will belong to Post 125 and Ozark Veterans Coalition in equal parts.  Our post will then use the funds to help veterans in our local area and in some instances as a partner with OVC. 

We will also have a meeting room/event center of almost 4,000 SF which will be rented to other veterans groups and also anyone needing that area for most event usage. We will also have our meetings in this space.  We have purchased over 150 comfortable chairs to be used for the events and are currently looking to purchase about 25 or 30 tables for food service (catered).  We are hoping to be open for business by the first of 2022.  We will need your assistance in some of the “fix-ups” needed.  Give Mike Cook or me a call and let us know when you would be able to volunteer some time. 
We also need you to assist by asking friends and relatives to donate quality goods to fill the store.
Fly your Flag and be Proud,

Bill Roark, Commander
American Legion Post 125

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