May 2020 Meeting

Our May 11, 2020 meeting will happen. Members that are concerned may decide not to come or may wear a mask and observed “social distancing” during the meeting. Even though the brewery will not be open to the public (Covid-19 rules) we will be able to have our meeting with 15 or fewer members. The owner of the brewery will be there for our meeting and will give the members present a “tour” of the brewery with an explanation of the process from beginning to end. The end will be the filling of the kegs and serving the brew. For those that are OK to participate; tasting will be allowed. There will be some items on the agenda such as nomination of officers and Consolidated Post Report (CPR). We will also go over plans for the future such as projects and funding. The meeting will be at Prehistoric Brewing Company, 1816 South Glenstone Ave in The Plaza Shopping Center at 7:00 pm – e-board will meet at 6:30 pm. All members and guests are welcome.

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