Why is a gun drawing listed as a project for our post?

There are a lot of projects that we want to do that will benefit veterans, youth and community that will need funds for us to complete. That can be accomplished in a number of ways. We can sell various items such a caps, shirts, other clothing. One of the best ways is to purchase items that would be raffled rather than a regular buy, then sell method. One of the best items for us is some form of firearm. This could be a pistol, shot gun or rifle. The last way is to ask people in the community to support our efforts by donating items to be resold or raffled. Another way is to donate money so we may use it in the ways we need to eventually support our projects.

If you would to donate money please feel free to contact us with your ideas or to make a donation. We are a charitable organization and those donations may be tax deductible (you must check with the person that prepares your taxes). Contact us is a tab that has the contact information. (click here)