American Legion Post 125 is in the process of starting a very large project. This project will be to provide a much needed location; so that small veterans groups may have a facility that they can call their home and have the resources needed for their individual goals. . This project will include acquisition of property and buildings and will be done in phases. Below are the projected phases:

  • Phase one: Property acquisition. We now have an option on 11 acres of land near the Springfield Airport. That option is for one year to raise the purchase price for the land. It is about 60% wooded with the rest being cleared of trees. It has about 700 feet of road frontage on a major street in Springfield. We will start the fund raising in February, 2021. Stay tuned for updates on the process.
  • Phase two: Building. The process starts with final design of the building and clearing the needed area of the property. The first building will incorporate a meeting room with enough space to seat about 50 to 60 people with room for presenters to have a “stage” area. The meeting room will also have needed flags and tables for typical veteran group meetings. It will also have needed AV Systems including cameras and speakers. In addition to the meeting room there will be offices for a number of offices and storage area for various veterans groups (final number of offices will be determined by the final demand for offices). The last area of the building will be for a veterans museum that will include how Post 125 started immediately after WW1 in 1919 at time the American Legion first started. The building will be designed to be expanded when we need larger facilities to fill the demand of veterans groups.
  • Phase three: Memorials. We plan to have a monument to all veterans that served in all wars and conflicts. This will begin with the Revolutionary War and end with the Gulf Wars. Some might be combined because of space requirements. These memorials will include the dates and information about the history and veterans involved in the conflicts.
  • Phase Four: Additional Buildings and Areas. We will eventually have property improvements to include picnic areas, trails through the woods, and additional buildings for the display of artifacts and outdoor displays. This would include a lot of landscaping and displays that would be appreciated by veterans.

Here is an article by Mike Cook published in the National American Legion Magazine:

To accomplish all the things listed above we will need a lot of help. Our post has grown from less than 20 members in late 2019 to over 40 at the end of 2020 and we are on track to increase that number. In you are interested in helping us with a goal for veterans, please go Donate Here for information.